360 Pricing

Website Maintenance, Security and Support Services


$100 / month

360 Maintenance Package

360 Firewall Protection

Tenaya360 Platform Access

Standard Support

Support Credits


$300 / month

360 Maintenance Package

360 Firewall Protection

Tenaya360 Platform Access

Priority Support

4 Support Credits


$800 / month

360 Maintenance Package

360 Firewall Protection

Tenaya360 Platform Access

Priority Support

8 Support Credits

5 Hours of SEO Tasks

Looking for a custom solution for your business? Ask about our Enterprise program.

Our Enterprise program is for large, dynamic E-commerce websites with complex functionality and high traffic volume. Contact us to learn more about our custom plans.

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$100/ Monthly

$300/ Monthly

$800/ Monthly

Support Credits

Support Credits are used for website content updates and changes. 1 credit = 1/2 hour of service.

4 / Month

8 / Month

Cloud Backups

Cloud backups ensure continuous real-time duplication of your website’s data, seamlessly transferring them to a secure, remote storage solution.

1x / Day

1x / Day

2x / Day

Daily Manual Site Checks

Your website is checked daily by our support team to ensure everything is functioning properly. 

WordPress Core Updates

WordPress Core Updates regularly provide crucial security enhancements that resolve vulnerabilities, thereby fortifying your site against harmful attacks.

Theme & Plugin Updates

WordPress Core Updates frequently include essential security fixes that address vulnerabilities, safeguarding your website against malicious threats.

Activity Logging

Our detailed WordPress activity log captures every modification to your site, clearly noting each change and the user accountable.

Malware Scanning & Threat Protection

Our ongoing security sweeps meticulously check for vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins, themes, and core files on all sites we safeguard.

Hack Cleanups & Site Restores

If your website falls victim to a hack, we’re equipped to quickly detect and neutralize the threat, ensuring your site is restored to its proper condition.

Uptime Monitoring

Round-the-clock site monitoring and alert services enable the quick detection and resolution of issues such as downtime, performance lags, and security vulnerabilities.

Tenaya360 Platform Access

Our Tenaya360 Platform provides you with easy management of support tickets, website projects, file sharing, billing and access to vital data analytics for your website.

Email Hosting Support

Should email troubles arise, we’re on hand to resolve them. For those subscribed to our Advanced or Pro plans, just submit a support ticket, and we’ll promptly address your issue.

Third-Party Web Hosting Support

For third-party web hosting support, we’ve got you covered. Advanced or Pro plan members can just submit a support ticket, and we’ll swiftly navigate through the complexities on your behalf.

Google My Business Support

Experience seamless Google My Business support. Encounter any issues? If you’re enrolled in our Pro plan, simply file a support ticket and let us tackle the challenge for you.

Priority Support

Priority Support issues are addressed within 24 hours. Our Standard Support times range from 48-72 hours.

Enterprise Hosting

Tenaya360 offers fast and secure website hosting at a lower cost than our competitors. We include Enterprise hosting in our Pro 360 plan.

Search Engine Optimization

Tenaya360 offers Search Engine Optimization on our Pro plan. This allows us to assign a dedicated SEO Manager to your account and complete 5 hours per month of website optimization tasks that are in line with your businesses’ long-term growth strategy.

5 hours / month

frequently asked questions

Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about Tenaya360.

WordPress sites should be updated regularly to ensure they are secure, fast, and running smoothly. This includes updating the WordPress core software, themes, and plugins as soon as new versions are released. With Tenaya360, we update your website on a weekly basis to protect its security.

All plans include access to our online portal and 360 Maintenance Package: 24/7 Uptime Monitoring, Daily Site Backups, 24/7 Emergency Support, Website Analytics Integration, Performance Monitoring, Security & Firewall Protection, Daily Malware Scanning, Hack Remediation, Daily Manual Site Checks, Safe Update Protocol. Our Advanced plan includes Priority Support, 4 Support Credits (2 service hours), and Hosting &. Email Support. Our Pro plan includes 8 support credits and Google My Business management.


Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your WordPress site secure from vulnerabilities, improving website performance, ensuring compatibility with the latest technologies, and providing a better user experience. It also helps in optimizing your site for SEO, preventing data loss with regular backups, and minimizing the risk of your site breaking or being hacked.


Support requests are handled through our Support Ticketing feature in our online portal. Simply add a new ticket and our support team will review your ticket and provide an estimate of support credits to be deducted from your account. Our Base plan customers will receive Support Ticketing Access and purchase credits when their Support Ticket is opened.